In the course of our long-term work in agriculture, specialising in feeding of domestic animals, we have realized that farmers are facing continuous challenges in preparing quality hay. Unstable weather conditions during spring months as well as very high temperatures during the summer are the biggest contributors to a significant loss of the most nutritional parts of the plants namely leaves. Leaves deteriorate quickly and fall on the ground if the air quality is poor and conditions either too humid or too hot. Recent statistics show that generated losses in production of hay on farms due to unfavourable weather conditions and consequently premature or delayed mowing could amount to 30%.

Guardian Feed enables farmers to mow plants with as little loss as possible and that way secure more yield. It contributes towards preparation of the high nutritional value hay which in turn creates more revenue for the business through efficient milk and meat production.

Guardian feed:

  1. Preserves the nutritional value of plants and increases voluntary intake of hay and TMR;
  2. Absorb the  moisture in the hay – hay can be stored with a higher percentage of moisture, i.e. the drying-screening period on the plots is shorter. This reduces the risk of weather events and lets hay get wet. In the case of production of poor quality hay, rotten parts must be thrown away, sometimes the entire swaths are thrown away, because they are not healthy and can lead to the death of animals.  In such cases, farmers have a  great losses.
  3. Prevents the appearance of mold and mold – The components that are part of the Guardian Feed prevent mold and mold , which very often occur when the hay is wetter and not compacted enough. The Guardian Feed prevents the development of mycotoxins that cause hay spoilage. Hay with the presence of yeast, mold and other undesirable microorganisms acquires an unpleasant odor, animals are reluctant to use it and can cause various diseases in animals.

Benefits of preparation of hay with Guardian Feed

  • Pleasant citric aroma

  • Increased voluntary intake

  • Easy application

  • Fast hay preparing  

  • Moisture absorption

  • Mycotoxins prevention

  • Hay stays greener for longer and more appealing to animals

  • Components used in Guardian Feed are safe for human and animal health

  • Farmers could plan their workflow with less uncertainty and without danger of overheating or mould damage to hay.



The only product specifically designed for the absorption of moisture in hay

Testing conducted at multiple farms in Serbia

First to market
First functionally designed product that protects the hay mass fromdeterioration

Designed with the help of farmers and experts in the field