Silage is created by the conservation of plants with spontaneous lactic acid fermentation.

The present invention relates to the preservation of animal feed and presents an inventive element in the process of plants ensiling (e.g. corn, alfalfa, rye) in horizontal silos, silo bags and roll bales.

It makes a big difference in the appearance of the commercial application of additives and it is an important finding because of the ejection of oxygen from silo mass. Air (oxygen) is a major cause of deterioration of silage, because it empowers unwanted chemical and microbiological activity, which leads to deterioration of silage; subject invention is based on bioremediation, because we use LAB which already plants have, without inoculants addition. Silage stabilizers have numerous beneficial effects on the ensiling process providing a longer period of silage preservation.

The novelties of the invention are: components of organic origin that are safe for humans and animals and are approved by EU; porous packaging in biodegradable bags for roll bales; and packing in two-row bags for horizontal silos and silo bags.

Our invention providing anaerobic conditions for the growth and development of LAB in silages with reduced loss of nutrients in a short period of time. Silage stabilizer can adapt to the conditions of each farm individually depending on its capabilities, in a completely new and safe way with regard to human and animal health, as well as on the protection of the environment.

Shortening the first aerobic stage of ensiling provides the faster silages opening and their use. This innovation enables the rapid: oxygen ejection, moisture absorbance, decreasing pH value in plant mass and protection of nutritive value of silage.


Napredak, Delta Agrar

Horizontal silo

Kamendin doo

Round bale

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Silo bag